Investigating Arabidopsis Plant Lines: Natural Populations

Natural Populations/Ecotypes

To find more information about your natural population start at the Arabidopsis website:

Step 1: When you arrive at the TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource) page search for your line.  At the top right of the screen enter in your CS # (CS#####), select Germplasm from the search menu and hit “SEARCH.”


Step 2: The search should return a page that looks like this (for example, we searched for CS22597 here).  Click the ecotype name as indicated below, it will take you to a page with more information.  FYI – the ecotype name is shown here too (in this case it is HR-10).  CS22597 is a specific stock of seeds from the HR-10 background – there may be additional seeds stocks from the same background, which is why they are given the unique CS number.

Other links of interest:

  1. Information about background line (Col) as well as Landsberg and Ws: NASC Collection Information
  2. Weather Underground:

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