Working with Microsoft Excel

Below is the relevant information needed to complete the “Working with Excel” homework assignment.  The goal is to familiarize you with data manipulation, graphing and statistical test calculations before diving into analysis of your Arabidopsis data.


Homework Assignment and Associated Information:


Working with Excel Video Tutorial

  • Please note that this tutorial (as well as the material in the supplemental text section) is designed specifically for the version of Excel in Microsoft Office 2010 and may not apply to other versions of Excel (including the version in Mac Office 2011).




Supplemental Texts:

Text Guide to Working With Excel

  • Part 1: sorting and summarizing data (includes description of how to calculated averages and standard deviation); Part 2: graphing in Excel (scatterplot and bar chart); Part 3: performing statistical tests in Excel (t-test and correlation analysis)


  • Summary of degrees of freedom, correlation analysis test statistic (r-value) and critical values.  Use to find p-value after calculating a test statistic with a correlation analysis test.

Background on Statistics

  • Background on types of data, what can be learned from/inferred from samples, types of hypotheses and what statistical analysis can and cannot tell us.

Chart: Choosing a Statistical Test

  • A guide to choosing what statistical test to use for comparing different types of data.
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