University of Georgia

Ongoing Institute Research
  • Phylogenomics
  • How students develop scientific identity within an increasingly diverse research network and whether and how science identity may translate into scientific cultural capital
    • In particular, we aim to contribute to the development of more robust theory about the development of cultural capital in science – especially among students from underrepresented groups – toward the development of programs that expand opportunities for students to aspire, pursue, and persist in science. We are using mixed network and ethnographic research methods.
    • Does the scientific identity developed in the brain transform into a resource that students can “spend” and use to further their own academic interests or career?
  • Professional identity of graduate students (A. Kelly Lane, PhD Candidate)
  • Research on the structure and cultural identity of the research network, as well as how students innovate within and even inform the research network.


Investigating the Relationship Between Undergraduate Research and the Development of Science Capital