unPAK at the 2013 Evolution Meeting!

Come see us at the 2013 Evolution Meeting at Snowbird!

Representatives from unPAK will be heading to the upcoming 2013 Evolution meeting in Utah.  Check out the schedule below for ways to catch up with unPAK researchers, hear about some exciting research, and maybe even learn about ways to be a part of the unPAK project!


  • Dr. Matt Rutter from College of Charleston will be giving a talk “Exploring mutational space with unPAK (Undergraduates Phenotyping Arabidopsis Knockouts)” (Talk ID 1102): Sunday, June 23rd at 3:45 PM in Alpine C/Snowbird Center
  • Dr. Hilary Callahan from Barnard College will be giving a talk “Phytometers: adding realism to genomic screens for fitness-related plant phenotypes” (Talk ID 731):  Saturday, June 21st at 11:45PM in Cotton C/Snowbird Center


  •  Dr. Courtney Murren and Clare Kohler will be presenting a poster “Integrated Phenotypes: Ecological genetics of belowground structures in Arabidopsis thaliana” (Abstract ID 915):  Monday, June 24th at 7:00PM
  • Karoline Lake, an undergraduate from Barnard College, will be presenting a poster “UNPAK-ing Sources of Phenotypic Variation in Arabidopsis thaliana” (Abstract ID 721): Sunday, June23rd at 7:00PM